Thursday, January 31, 2008

15 Things we LOVE and MISS about Katbrains!

1) Teeny bopper words like... Doiyo, Retardo, Crapezoid, Ahhh Ratootie, Geese la weese, Shubudhumizauhdabudacu!

2) ahhhh p kuh!

3) Braino Showing off his HUGE Runner legs evrytime Steveo Shows off his Abs!

4) Weekly visits to DQ for a Kit Kat Kottlyn Blizzard!

5) Melting pot and everyone fighting over Gargonzalo cheese! ( spelled that wrong I'm sure!)

6) 24/7 Access to Chewy Sprees : )

7) Getting to look at a Heinekin Shirt and Jogging pants almost everyday!

8) Squishing into the back of the Max Hair infested Honda!

9) Bonus Points!!!

10) Good ole Uno Attacko late at night... P.S. I'm still not the plague!

11) Making fun of Steve-o about WOW and Bing Bong, it's not the same with out you!

12) Getting a new nickname every week.... How is Brain so creative?

13) Watching Kaitlin and Brian enjoying free EVERYTHING because of the military!

14) Making cookies, cupcakes and Gingerbread houses.

15) Kaitlin trying to get her Drink at La Cazuela without Bits....

Favorite Quotes :

"This is Baby Stuff!!!!"

"Max, Shutup , you big Cry Baby!!!"


"Look at these Runners Legs!"

"I'm not a brand whore all the time, sometimes I'll wear fruit of the loom instead of Hanes!"

"They're trying to rip me off!"

" You fool me once, shame on you...You fool me twice, shame on me."

"Well, now I wished I had the Wii!"

"Yaksamush! Name a Borat!"

"Hello little giiiirl."

" He's been so good, He hasn't peed in so long!"-Brian

" Brian he just peed today!" -Kaitlin

" It's probably because I wasn't there"-Brian

"Brian it's Apoxy!"

" You aint gettin this baby, YOU aint!"

" Wanna play monopoly? " ( Oh wait , we are still lucky enough to hear this every single day! And since you guys left he hasn't been able to convince us yet!)

We miss you guys very much and hope you are enjoying your Bing Bongs and Ding Dongs! We can't wait to come to HaVaii and see your house. We are going to have to do some serious Boogie Boarding! Stephen will see you in 3 Months! We will see you in 4!

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Ok, can we just say that we absolutely LOVED that!!! We died laughing!! We miss y'all sooo much!! We can't wait until y'all come out, we will have so much fun!
Love y'all!!!!