Monday, April 7, 2008

First Heart Attack at age 22!

Okay, So I officially had my first heart attack! Billy and Noni were outside and I was upstairs. and I guess Juvee sniffed her way lost! Cause we were calling her name and looking everywhere for her! We couldn't find her any where. It was probably only 20 minutes that she was gone. But Noni and Billy started driving around. I was searching around the pool and In the basement. But we couldn't find her any where! I have to admit I shed a few tears : ) I was so sad, I thought.... I do not want to see her little body dead on the street, I thought maybe somebody kidnapped her... or should I say dognapped her! I also thought to myself.... I am never getting another dog, I love her way to much and this is so sad! But then Billy got a call on his cell phone, some lady at the very end of our neighborhood in a circle found her and brought her in her house and was holding her. I bet she wanted to keep her! Cause she is the cutest, sweetest puppy ever!
We were so grateful for that call!!! I'm not going to get over this tramautic experience for a while! La Juvee is now married to her dog leash!!

It's crazy how much you can Love and care about a tiny little puppy!


Brian and Kaitlin said...

What was she thinking??!!??? JuVee you crazy puppy!! I bet that woman did want to keep her because she is SOOOOO cute!! Well, I'm glad you found her and make sure she stays on that leash, I want to see her when we come back in December!! She is the cutest puppy ever!!

Erica said...

Ohhh I can't imagine loosing my little Charlie. He got out once and I about died. I know how you feel! So glad she is safe!

Naomi Quale said...

What a sweet story Lacey, I'm so glad we found that little sweetie! She is a cutie little grandpuppy!