Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Billy!

Today is Billy's Birthday! He is 26 now....getting up there : )

Happy Birthday!!!!

Well last night I had big plans for his birthday, But some things just don't happen as smoothly as we hope they will! : )

Well let me just tell you what happened....

I tried to keep it a surprise so I didn't tell Billy we were going to the Atlanta Braves Game, But I had a wrapped present with Braves shirts in it, that I was gonna let him open when we were almost there....

Well since he didn't know where we were going, I was on my own to try and figure out how to get there. (Thanks Mapquest!)

Since I'm not from Atlanta I didn't even think about the toll....So Me and Billy had to yell out our window asking for change!!! ( Thank you guy with crazy fro hair , for lending us 50 cents, oh and Brian we offered him your old oakley sunglasses in return, but don't worry he didn't take us up on it ha ha ) sorry Brain we were desperate!!!

Then as we arrive at the game, I realize I have no cash for parking!!!! We drove around for 45 minutes asking if anyone would take credit card for payment or a check! We went to all the local gas stations in ATL asking if they would give cash back on credit card if we bought something or if we could write them a check for cash! Nobody would let us! Not to mention I've never driven in the streets/neighborhoods of Atlanta it's a SCARY place.....and I thought Salt Lake City was scary! There were bars on all the windows and doors and scary looking people walking around and some people were dancing to rap music at the gas stations.... ( not that I dont love some good rap once in a while, but you had to see these people!) and billy was like "stay in the car and lock the door" which scared me even more! I'm thinking.... " well this isn't exactly how I thought Billy's special birthday suprise would go!"

By now we were like 25 minutes late for the game! And billy pleaded with this cute young girl to let us park in her parking lot cause it was his birthday and we'd looked everywhere! She said okay and So we wrote her a check! ( hope they don't steal our identity with our check floating around now!) : )

So we get into the game finally!!!!

And we had awesome tickets! I bought the all you can eat package tickets! There were 3 levels of all you can eat tickets..... I bought the middle one which included all you can hamburgers, hot dogs, popcorn, fries and sodas....... Because I knew that was food we would like!

When we get to the section where are tickets said we were sitting... It was called the Gold Casino level! There were these special doors we went in it was the same level as all the suites and they had blackjack tables set up, it was awesome!

But then when we walked in the door to where our seats were.... there was hot wings, all you can drink beer, and potatoe salad...etc. etc. But the point is... it wasn't what I payed for....

So it turns out the ticket system accidentally put our seats in the higher package deal seats, but the food we paid for was 2 levels below us. I was kinda bummed cause I was really looking forward to cheeseburgers and french fries! But our seats were awesome! So we didn't want to have to give those up to go get the other food!

Well..... It turns out they let us stay where we were cause technically that's what our seats said, and we got to get food at both levels!!!

So it turned out to be SO much fun! We had a great time! Billy ate tons of food and so did I! We had a blast! Not to mention we Beat the Mets 4-2!

And thanks to Billy we took an alternative route to avoid the toll!

Then we got home and Billy opened his presents! He got some clothes and the best present of all.............. the Wii!!!! He stayed up till 12:30 playing it ( that's late for us!) so we are gonna have some mad Wii playing time this weekend!

I love you Billy and I hope you had a great Birthday! You are the best husband ever and love being married to you! Have a great rest of your birthday!!!!! Muahhh

Oh and sorry for this long post!


Anonymous said...

I think that was an awesome B-day! Nothing like suprises! Happy Birthday! Ryan & Bridget

Brian and Kaitlin said...

That was Great!!! You did such a good job!!! I need you to help me with Brian's birthday!! I can never think of good stuff like that!