Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our first day in PARADISE! Welcome to Hawaii!

First off I have to say SORRY for all the millions of POSTS and that is not an exaggeration!!! I spent 2 hours uploading all my pics on here! Because I can now load them from my blog onto anything else and show everyone! And believe me there were like 200 more that I didn't even post! But I am warning you there is A TON Of pics!!!
But about Hawaii.....
We had a total BLAST! It was so much fun! We were so glad to see kaitlin and Briand and of course stevo and I hadn't seen ash in so long either! It was like a reunion. But we hung out at the beach most of the time! Snorkeled, boogie boarded, and layed out to get a suntan!
Kaitlin and Brian!!!!Thank you SOOOO SOOOO much For letting us stay with you guys!
Kaitlin was such a good little host, she even cooked for us and it was GOOOOD food! I give her props and need her to teach me, I did write down all her recipes though!
To see more READ ON!
And.... I know I'm vain with all these millions of pics! But hey what can I say atleast I admit it!!! We all LOVE pics!

The honolulu airport, Kaitlin bought us leis! How cute is that!
We arrived in the evening so we just took a cute little walk on the beach ( Ewa beach to be exact)
We found flowers (or picked them) and put them in our hair!
Billy with his lei and he found a coconut! He had a bright idea to open it.... Read on


Mackay Family said...

Loved all of your pictures! You got way tan and you are super skinny. Looks like you guys had tons of fun.

Kevin and Janae said...

It seems like you guys are doing great!! How fun to go to Hawaii, that is a trip that me and kevin for sure need to go on, i love it there and he has never been!! Hope things are going great! and im thinking its about time you guys start getting pregnant too!!

Joe and Bianca Martin said...

Hey Lacey! It's Bianca from way back in the day..good ol' Albion! It's been so long, it looks like you guys are so happy and doing well! By the way, you are your husband are such a cute couple! It looks like you had so much fun in Hawaii...I absolutely love the pictures!!