Friday, June 13, 2008

Shout Out To The Coolest Guy I Know!

Now ...I have to warn everyone, if you don't like reading mushy cheesy stuff don't read on!

But I just had to dedicate a random post to my cute husband!
We just got back from Hawaii, So we got to spend 10 whole days together! ( pictures will be up soon! ) I just LOVE hanging out with Billy.... He's the coolest! So goofy, he's never afraid to be himself, he's such a little daredevil and I have so much fun watching him do all the stuff I'm WAY too scared to do! He's so fun to talk to, I could talk to him for hours about nothing! I love coming home everynight and hanging out with him. He's so competitive and plays against me in the wii or any board game we play! He always has a smile on his face and is enjoying whatever he is doing! He NEVER complains about anything.
It seriously makes me think to myself.... How in the world did I get so lucky to get to be able to be married to him?! He's so perfect!
He's so easy, so chill, and sooooo super nice to everyone! I really want to be just like him! Someday when we have kids....He is gonna be the BEST dad!
And since we're on the subject..... Married life is AWESOME! I highly recommend the married life : ) I swear it just keeps getting better and better and more fun too! I can't imagine how good it's gonna be when we are 40! or when we bring little kiddos into the picture! I know there are a million people out there who feel the same way!

Billy, thanks for making my life so much fun every single day!

Thought I'd post some pictures of fun times we've had!

He is so goofy with me! I love that about him.... We used to dress up all crazy and go places, he didn't care that everyone thought we were weird!

This was at the Granite 4th of July parade! What husband will wear patriotic colors coordinating with your outfit and our little yorkie while riding on the scooter in the parade!

I had to post our engagement! Because what fiance will go through so much trouble to plan an amazing proposal on a hot air balloon! He is the master of cute and original surprises!

And last but not least .....who will eat ramen with you just like Lady and the Tramp did? Fullfilling your childhood dream of the classic Lady and the Tramp moment over spaghetti! My cute Billy did : )

I love you Billy!!!!


Giron Fam said...

Hey there. I couldn't help but notice you checked out my blog so I'm checking out yours. I'm wondering if I know you since we are on your friends list? I mean you look familiar but I can't put my finger it...Anyways, if not I'm glad we have admirers. I'm always glad to have more friends on here! Happy blogging.

Giron Fam said...

Oooh! That's how I know you! You are Al's daughter, it that right? I knew you looked familiar! I think you came over to Jarell's parents house a while ago (Jarell's dad is Steve, by the way). It was driving me crazy. I knew I had seen your engagment picture somewhere. I bet it was on their fridge for a while. That's funny.
I'm glad you found us! It's awesome to have family on here. Especially a Giron (You are the only cousin I know on that side!)I'm gonna add you on our blog too. Let's keep in touch!