Monday, July 14, 2008

Babysitting Adventure with our new FAVORITE buddy!

I would like to Introduce you all to..... The COOLEST 8 Month old ever! HE is our new favorite little buddy! He's Dani and Dave's little guy. Click on their blog to see more of him!He is seriously the smiliest, happiest baby I've ever seen! We babysat him Friday and Saturday night, and I thought it would be a little challenging only because I am so out of Practice. Neither Billy nor I had changed a diaper in sooo long. I think I was like 10 the last time! But we had a blast... HE was a total BREEZE! Your welcome back anytime Tyler! You brightened up our weekend.... oh and Cute Lexi (the Dog) came too! La Juvee was in Heaven!

Tyler!!! Look at that big grin on his cute little face!

We got to feed him! My face is a little crazy in this picture. But I just can't help myself. I get so excited about this kind of stuff! But He was Sooo easy! Dani and Dave have it sooo good! He just giggled and smiled at us the whole weekend!

We took him Swimming at our Neighborhood pool! He LOVED it! I swear he is a little fish : )

He Loves being in the water... His parents have taught him well : )

I think this was probably Billy's Favorite part! Being able to toss him in the air! ( He tries it with La Juvee but he just doesn't get the same reaction!) .... He really does do it to her : )

And he's up higher...

And he's coming back down.....
Loving every second of it!

He would Pull Billy's Hair to stay on! What a smart little guy

I think he is smiling in every single picture I took of him : ) Oh and at the Pool there were these Triplets who adored him.... They kept calling him Baby... and they were probably only like 4 years old. They would talk to him and say" Hi baby" As if they were so much older than him!

We had a blast playing with this little guy... You'd think he was our own child after all these pics we took! But I couldn't resist taking them all! Tyler makes us SO super excited to have our own children someday. And Hopefully they are as happy and well behaved as this cutie!


Brian and Kaitlin said...

I didn't know Lexi was there too!! Your house was full of dogs this weekend, I'm sorry!! HAHA, I know you guys probably loved it though!

Kevin and Janae said...

WOW, he is so ADORABLE and it looks like you guys had a blast. You need to get on the baby making boat!! ha ha hope things are going good!!

The Wright Family said...

yall are too sweet. those were some very nice things to say!
thank you so much for everything...the babysitting, the shelter, the wii games, good conversations and just the company. We really do appreciate it. We love yall so much! Cant wait to see yall again!!!

Callan & Jaci Finch said...

He is too cute!! Now is your turn to have a cute lil baby ;)

Ben and Liesl said...

Lacey, Wow you guys are a gorgeous couple! That is cool you are in Georgia, we are moving in a week and i am so nervous i could die. Hope all is well and good to stay in touch!

The Hutzley's said...

Looks like you had a blast with that adorable little baby. I just always love reading your blog. It's fun to see what people are up to. Next time you are in town we really need to get together. We did have an AMAZING time in San Diego. I love that place. I am glad to hear things are well with you. I am so glad we are keeping in touch.

mindi said...

That is seriously the cutest kid. Look how happy he is, look how happy you and Billy are. Awwww