Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Extreme Fun Memorial Day Weekend!

Billy is into anything that has to do with sports! Especially the water ones! He wakeboarded, Wakeskated, and did backflips off the boat! He wanted to jump off the cliffs too but the lake was way to shallow. We really need to get out of this Georgia Drout!!!

There he is jumping the wake, those are Dad (Bill's) feet in the pic : )
Doing a backflip! I wish I were that brave
Here he is falling off the wakeskate! He did do a good job but this was the only cool pic.... and we couldn't take the boat out the 2nd day so the boys used the Jetski!
It was Russ, Ryan and Billy out there! This is Ryan crusin on the wakeskate.... Me, Brindi and Sara hung out at the dock and played photographer : )

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