Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jumping off the deck at the Lakehouse!

Billy and Ashleigh jumping off!!!
Go Billy! Look at those abs!
La Juvee trying to get some shade
And Daisy ( Billy's dog since he was kid) Looking so cute : )
Tyler eating one of those Gerber cookies! Lovin it.... Poor Tyler got sick this weekend and Dani said it was his very first time being sick in 9 months! Pretty amazing : )


Mackay Family said...

Fun weekend at the Lakehouse! You guys look like your are having a fun summer! I love your dog.

Kevin and Janae said...

Looks like fun, but I am sure it would be alot more fun if I was there.. I mean maybe I my tooth would actually fall out this time. HA HA. About the whole pregnancy looking like a breeze.. I have had my days of trials, sadly! But I think I am finally getting over it now and it should just get better from here on out. How is everyone?

Giron Fam said...

That Lakehouse looks so fun! Nothing better than family fun time! Great place to hangout in the summer.
Your little Yorkie is so cute. I love the picture of her being shy. Awww...

Luke and Marin said...

Your dog is so cute!!! Looks like you guys are having tons of fun!

Guffy and Brittany said...

Hey Lacey! Looks like so much fun. You and your hubby are so cute together and I love your little pup. If only I could convince my husband to get me a cute little one instead of our monster! Oh well... Good to see you guys are having so much fun!

The Wright Family said...

I wish I could! That little booger wont let me get in his mouth or near it. His front teeth are starting to break through now too. Its miserable...for him and me! They have only broken skin and they havent grown much. I mean, I think that they should be grown in two days but Dave has to keep reminding me that thats not how life works. Only if it could be that easy! ha ha. What are yall doing this weekend coming up? We should hang out! I got new furniture too! And poker was soooooo much fun!

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