Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pizza Making Time!

So when I was like 12 I made these personal pan pizzas with my Aunt Holli & Uncle Dave and cousins in AZ! I always thought they were so tasty! So I got the recipe and Billy and me made them last week! It was so much fun! If anyone wants this tasty recipe let me know! It's really easy and it's sooo good : )
Billy insisted on throwing the pizza in the air like a real italian pizza chef... I was pretty impressed with his pizza throwing skills! He also sang a little Mama Mia Pizza song that I'm pretty sure he made up as he went along! Who needs Music when you have a Billy around!

I made mine into a heart shape! If you can't already tell
Billy layered his with like 5 layers of pepperoni and cheese! His tasted better than mine!
This is what La Juvee did all night as we made our pizzas! Stared at the birds in the yard....

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Brian and Kaitlin said...

Juvee is just so cute, I can't wait to see her when we come back in Nov. And Billy's pizza DID look good!!