Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sarah's Birthday at Loca Luna!!!

Happy Birthday Sarah! We went to Loco Luna for Sarah's Birthday. It was a lot of fun... It's a salsa club/restaraunt in Atlanta! So......

Meet Sarah Edelman!.....
and Russ Edelman....her husband!

This is Brindi on the left who is now 4 months pregnant! We are so excited for her and Ryan!!! Then in the middle is Jim and Lindsey Vincolli! They are a really fun couple with 2 really cute kids! We first met at their house over an intense Rock Band Session!!!!

Next is James, Ryan, Russ, and of course you all know My billy!!!

Don't ask me what they were doing.....They are goofy!

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Brian and Kaitlin said...

That looks like such a fun place, thats so funny taht you ran into mom there!! Haha!!