Friday, October 24, 2008

Abstinence !

A Real News Story that caught my attention:

No Takers for Contest that Requires Abstinence

-A contest that would pay $10,000 to an engaged couple, as long as they abstain from premarital sex, hasn't gotten any takers.

The deadline for the Marriage for a Lifetime contest is Oct. 31.

The prize includes free wedding flowers, invitations, and other wedding treats.

-So far, organizer Phillipia Faust hasn't gotten any entries.-She said, "In our society, it's going to be hard to find" a couple that hasn't had premarital sex.

-Faust has organized and carried out various pro-marriage activities through her Marriage Appreciation Training- Uplifting Relationship Education Program, a non-profit that isn't church-affiliated.
I was so shocked when I read this on the Faiga Family Blog! I read it and then went online to figure out what state could not find ONE couple who could abstain from premarital sex! I was even more shocked when I found it in the Atlanta Newspaper!!!!!!!! Where I live!
I was so dissapointed! I'm sure every state has some that do and some that don't participate in premarital sex. But I am pretty sure there would never be a contest like this in Utah! There would be way too many takers on this contest! Not to say that Utah is better than any other state....
But Come on! Not one couple could enter a contest for 10,000 Big ones!!!!
I'm dissapointed in my Georgians!!! I feel like this article gives us a bad name here in Georgia... and speaking of giving Georgia a Bad Name.....
THE HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA! I live in Georgia and I have met a lot of great people... and none of them are as shallow, mean, and materialistic as the women on that show!


Brittany said...

i see you found it- i had to go back and find where i read it! i couldn't believe it either...

Mackay Family said...

That is crazy! No one for $10,000, come on people. What is our world coming to?!? My MIL was talking about the Housewives of Georgia and said that same thing!

Luke and Marin said...

That is nuts! How sad!!

Bryan and Marissa said...

I can't believe that there is not one person for that, that is crazy! I wish we could have done that for 10 grand! Ha ha ha!