Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grandma & Larry Hardy 12-6-08!

My Grandma is officially a Hardy now... no longer a Murphy! Her and Larry were so cute together! Their wedding was beautiful and it was so fun to watch her get married when she watched us get married only 3 years ago! We only met Larry this week but we love him already! He is such a sweet guy and treats her so well! It just goes to show you are NEVER too old to fall in love and get married!
Here are some pics from the wedding....

This is me, billy and my Uncle Matt....Can I just point out how dang handsome Billy looks! Geez the wife is looking pregnant and exhausted and here's Billy looking all GQ! : ) I just love him!

Meg, Mckenna and Gracie all bundled up outside the temple

Sweetie Mckenna so happy to be holding Grandma's bouquet
This was from breakfast at IHOP a few days before the wedding! Grandpa took us all and it was so GOOD to see him! Brycen had syrup all over his hands from his yummy pancakes but it sure didnt stop him from wrestling Grandpa's neck!!! ha ha


Keesler Family said...

I was at the temple Yesterday for a Sealing... That would of be so cool if I had ran into. I know you won't there yesterday but I took a double look at the date of your grandma's wedding.

Jeff and Jenn said...

I love that close-up picture of you and Billy- you look SO CUTE! Very happy. :)