Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthdays, Birthdays and More Birthdays!!!

There have been a lot of birthdays lately!!!! I don't have pictures of everyone on their birthdays because unfortunately we can't be with EVERYONE On their birthday since we live all the way in Georgia!!!... But I would atleast like to give a shout out to everyone who has had a birthday the past month!!!!

So First .....
Happy Birthday Dad! (Al Giron)
My dad... His was in December! We were lucky enough to see him about a month ago when we visited Utah!

Then Came Seth... January 9th!!! (Note: very old picture like 3 yrs old!!!)
Happy Birthday Seth!

Then Came Billy's Dad.... January 11th!!!!

Happy Birthday Dad!!! (Bill Quale)

Wasn't his cake so cool??? We even put a "Man" candle in there for him to blow out!!!

Next comes Stephen!!!!!!! Today January 19th!!!!

Happy 20th Birthday Stephen!!!!

This kid just keeps getting better and better looking every year!!! He's such a cute boy!!! Watch out Ladies!!!!

He had to blow out 20 candles this year!!!

(I love my new can even see the smoke from all the candle)

We made sure to get him his favorite Birthday cake!!! Buttercream cake...chocolate with white icing!!! And we ate Delicious Papa Johns Pizza!

And Next is My cute, adorable, sweetheart Grandma!!!
Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

Hers is today also January 19th!!!

And after that.... We are just excitedly awaiting the arrival of Gantt Alexander Fincher!!! Who is also Due TODAY Jan. 19th....But hasn't made an entrance yet!!! So we will be posting about him as soon as he comes, which should be any day now!!!! Hurry up Gantt we're all waiting!!!!!!!

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Mackay Family said...

So much fun! Birthdays are great! Happy Birthday to everyone! Love the baby look-a-like! :)