Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Imperial Fez-Moroccan Cuisine!

Imperial Fez!

2285 Peachtree Rd.

Atlanta, Ga 30309

What a fun night!!! Last saturday Me, Billy and Stephen went to Imperial Fez. Billy's cute Mom bought a gift certificate for this restaraunt at a charity event. Since she was in Hawaii for Kaitlin's baby...she gave us the gift certificate to use. So sweet of her!
We were talking the whole time about how much she would have loved it!
So maybe we'll have to go again!
But it was a Morroccan cuisine and it was a 5 course meal and the coolest restaraunt!!!

So first you take off your shoes and walk in to what I thought looked like "arabian nights" from Aladdin or something!! Every last wall, ceiling, and inch of the place was decorated with elaborate fabrics and colors!!! They had gorgeous chandeliers everywhere and you got to sit on pillows and cushions instead of tables and chairs!

Billy and Stephen

Me and Steveo

The first thing they did was bring everyone towels that you are supposed to wear on your left shoulder...
then they wash your hands with a silver teapot looking thing and lemon water.

Next they brought out the first course...Which was a soup with bread and crouton crackers.

(Tasted like chili without all the meat in it)

But we all loved it!
All 3 of us are really picky eaters and I was surprised at how much we liked the food!

This was the 4th course, both me and Stephen got the same thing... Chicken Kabobs

( it had a crazy name I can't remember, but that was the jist of it!)

Then came the Belly Dancers.... I was a little nervous cause the last thing you wanna see at 7 months pregnant is pretty, perfect looking, skinny women dancing around in nothing! But I was happy to see they had a little meat on them! Not to say they weren't pretty and didn't look good!!! Cause they looked great out there and they could Belly dance so well!

We had such a fun time! I would totally recommend this place to someone who wants a fun, new date night! Or just a cool experience at a new restaurant!!!

Thanks Naomi!

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