Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our "BABY MOON" at Hilton Head Island!!!

So on all the pregnancy sites I've been reading up on,they say.... you should take a "Baby Moon" ya know.... one last honeymoon before the baby comes! So that's what we did! We decided to leave on Friday after work and stayed till Monday afternoon! Hilton Head is only about 41/2-5 hrs away... so it was the perfect drive! It's in South Carolina, just barely outside of Georgia! It is so beautiful there, and I would definitely go again!

It felt so GOOD to be on the beach again and hear the ocean!!!

Loved seeing all the Palm trees!

So our first day there it was like 75 Degrees but breezy... So we didn't even think to put ANY sunblock on! And I didn't pack any... cause I forgot! So we layed there even feeling a little bit Chilly on the beach... we both wore zipups! But we were wrong about not wearing sunblock!!!!

This is poor Billy on Day 2! FRIED!!! We were both so burnt that night and the next day that we slept in seperate beds so we wouldn't bump each other.... and My legs, ankles and feet swelled up like balloons! It was awful! We forget that this our first time laying in the sun since last summer! But even though we were in so much pain...We still managed to have a lot of fun!!!
(and we bought sunblock the next day!)

You can kinda see in this picture my thighs and knees are so swollen and full of liquid! It felt like my legs were full of water and it was tough to even walk! : ) ha ha so Funny! Memories....

Brody will be here in only 6 weeks! And we had fun on our last vacation EVER without him....but we are so EXCITED for him to get here!!! We have so much we want to teach him, show him and do with him!!!

Aren't the skies so blue there!!!
There were seagulls everywhere....One pooped by me and it splattered on my arm! GROSS!

This is the only picture I got of our Hotel... Not a very good one at all! But this is the back of it with the swimming pool up on that deck and the pond below! We really liked it there, it was close to the beach so we could just walk down the sidewalk and be there! And they had the yummiest breakfast every morning!!!

There were signs everywhere that said " DO NOT FEED THE ALIGATORS" we asked the guy who worked at our Hotel about the aligators. And he told us that they get to be so big (about 5 feet long) that they have to have them removed. They were just recently removed so we didn't see any! But Billy had to look in every spot everytime we walked by just in case : )

It was so fun to see the turtles too! They live in this pond with the aligators also.... There were TONS of them!

This picture is for Kaitlin and Brian! Gantt Quarters!!! We were driving around looking at the pretty beach homes and we saw this sign!!!

So sad it's over! But we had a lot of fun! Hilton Head is such a nice place to go! We only took pictures on one day! So I didn't capture all the things we did and saw! But I definitely want to go back again!
It got me and Billy so excited for North Carolina in July!!! We can't wait!

So until then it's just counting down the days and weeks till our little Brody comes!!! : )


Brian and Kaitlin said...

Awww sounds like y'all had so much fun!! And you are the cutest pregnant woman EVER!!! Your hair looks SOOO good too, it's getting so long!! And ever since Gantt arrived it seems like the name Gantt is popping up everywhere, there was even a character named Gantt in a John Grisham book that someone was telling me about that they were reading, crazy!! P.S. I have to call and talk to you, there is so much that I need to tell you!!

Bryan and Marissa said...

SOOO FUN!!! We love Hilton Head!!!

Mackay Family said...

That looked like so much fun! I have always wanted to go there! I have learned to always wear sunblock..one too many bad experiences! You are so cute preggo! I love the pic of you on the beach! I hate alligators so I would be scared to walk around. Seeing all the pictures makes me want to go to the beach! Glad that you got your babymoon in!

Giron Family said...

Love Hilton Head! Looks so nice this time of year. Good idea to have a "babymoon" before the baby comes! Such a fun idea. Your baby bump is so so so cute!

Jeff and Jenn said...

That's awesome. What a good idea, thaat Baby Moon. It's nice you guys take the time to be romantic and stuff. :)

Denny and Cyndi Collins Family said...

That's so great that you were able to get away one last time!! How fun! Crazy 6 weeks left! They go pretty fast! For me it's only been about a week that has been dragging, other than that it has gone so fast! I'm so jealous you spent time in the sun!! I am so ready for SUNSHINE!!!! :o) Love ya!! You look GREAT by the way!!

Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

that's so funny, my sisters and I are going on a girls trip there in sept. We're staying at the Hilton too. I'm glad you got to do a trip. good luck!

Luke and Marin said...

How fun! I just love Hilton Head!! You're looking so cute!!!

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