Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day! Billy's 27th B-Day! and Pictures Galore of Brody!!!!

These pictures are in no special order... But I'm always in such a hurry when I finally get to post pictures on here...

(I'm dying to know what color his eyes will turn out to be! I have heard several ppl swear they are gonna be Brown and several ppl say they are gonna be blue! What do you all think?)

Here is Our little Golfer boy! He looks so cute in hats! I'm so happy he is so tolerant while I take his picture! It's nice he always stares right at the camera....I have to take advantage of that while I can!

I have no idea what he is looking up at...but look at those cute little neck rolls! ha ha

I have to say I Promis I don't take my baby tanning! : ) ha ha I have no idea why he came out so tan... Next to other babies he looks like another race!

Tubing at the Lakehouse...
Billy, Dani and Dave!

Dani looks so cute here!

This is Dani and Dave's little guy Tyler he is a year and a half! Oh how time flies!

If you were wondering they do make life jackets for one month olds! I had no idea! We found one at the lakehouse... must have been left over from someone else who is brave/crazy enough to put a 1 month old on the boat! Brody loved it! He would fall right to sleep! : )

Me and my Brody!

The Birthday Boy ! Three generations of William Quale's ! Bill, Billy and Brody!

Happy 27th to My cute Billy!!! He is getting so old!!! : )

A random cute picture of Brody!
Just a little update..... We are still loving being parents... I swear it gets more and more fun each day! They change and learn so much. It's fun to watch them! Brody is such a good baby, I thought maybe it would change as time goes on. But he seriously is so good! Our cousin called him "Fake Baby" cause he never cries! ha ha Sometimes he goes days without ever crying! And he has started this new thing where he sleeps 6 1/2 to 7 hours at night! I'm LOVING it! I know it's only gonna get better from here! So it's been great! Also the baby weight is finally starting to really shed! When you gain 40 pounds!!! That's right 40 pounds I gained... it's depressing to look in the mirror after! But it's all worth it and I have 15 more pounds to lose to be back to normal! So I will hopefully be back to normal soon! I'm writing this on here so I'll actually do it! Brody doesn't go back to the doctor till June 29th so I can't wait to hear how much weight he has gained and how much taller he is! A lot of his 0-3 month clothes are too small in the length now! So he must have grown a lot!
That's all for now!!!


Brynn and Brad said...

You guys are so cute. I love all your pics of Brody. He is such a perfect baby. You make me so jealous that you have such a great baby!

Brian and Kaitlin said...

What cute pictures, he is such a cutie!! Brody is getting so big I can't believe it, time really does fly! It looks like y'all had so much fun at the lake house, we wish we could have been there too, all these cute little babies in our family!!

Shawnte said...

Hey! Your Brody is so pretty, I know boys are supposed to be handsome but he's pretty. You are so lucky he's a good boy Emma was too, then she learned to walk and now she's into everything! :) Good luck with the baby weight.

Whitney said...

Not only do you have a good baby on your hands but he is so handsome! Honestly what a beautiful little guy he is. I am so glad you are enjoying being a mom there is nothing more rewarding!

The Collier's said...

Oh my heck Lacey he is so CUTE!!!

Callan and Jaci said...

Your such a cute mom and he is sooo adorable! His little golfer outfit is hilarious!

The Wright Family said...


Denny and Cyndi Collins Family said...

I am so happy for you! Such a cute little boy. So glad he is sleeping so well for you! Jayden sleeps great for me too! 9 1/2 hours during the night! :o) So wonderful!! Gotta love having good babies!(Can't believe mine is 2 months old!! Time goes by soooo fast!!!)

Jeff and Jenn said...

I am posting on this one so you will see it... I love the pictures of him all wrapped up in the Porcelin Doll post! Oh my goodness! What a handsome baby you have.