Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Time!

We are having such a fun summer with our little Brody boy! He is so much fun! And he's really started smiling a ton now! And I think I almost got a giggle yesterday : ) I have lots of pictures to post... I will post them later. But for now here is a cute one! Hope you're all having fun in this sunny weather!!


Mackay Family said...

Adorable picture. Those outfits were my favorite last year!

Giron Family said...

He is just a doll. I hope SOMEDAY I will have a cute little guy like him. Girls are fun but there is just something about a sweet little boy! Love his cute summer outfit!

Whitney said...

Lacey, honestly whenever I look at your blog I cant believe what a beautiful little guy Brody is! He is so stinkin handsome, and at such a fun age!