Friday, August 28, 2009

Brody 4 months old!

Brody had his 4 Month appointment...
He was 27.5 inches tall 98th percentile
and 16.5 pounds 80th percentile
And he also grew 2 teeth! I wasn't even anticipating teeth yet... hadn't even crossed my mind! Then all of a sudden I saw a white thing sticking out, looked like white rice! so cute!
All dressed up for church! He's getting so big and seems so old to me now!

He was being tickled in the picture! I love his smile! : )
Here are some cute pictures of Brody and cute cousin Gantt!

This is Brody trying his first baby food! Green beans : )


Ryan and Brindi said...

brody is so big! aiden just had his 9 month appt and weighed 17.1 lbs and is 27.5" long. he is in the 8% for weight! your little man is sooo cute and the first foods are always so much fun! hopefully he is a good eater for you.

Brian and Kaitlin said...

I love the black and white pictures, those boys are so adorable!!Brody looks so cute in the picture where he is being tickled!

Jeff and Jenn said...

Oh, my. He doesn't get older, he just gets better! ....except that he also gets older.