Monday, August 3, 2009

Brody's Baby Blessing 8-02-09

We blessed Brody on Sunday and it was so sweet! Billy did such a good job, I was so proud! : ) As I look back at these pictures I just can't believe how big he has gotten! I am now starting to move him into 6-12 month clothes... He is only 3 months 3 weeks old!!! I always thought my baby would be petite and little but that is not the case! He is growing so so fast! I have a pair of Pajamas that are 18 Months and they fit him! I'm not sure if they are just sized wrong or what... but it's true they fit him!!!

Also we have been battling a little cold the past few days... it makes me sad! They are so helpless. But I just love being his Mom! He is so much fun!!

Brody and Grandma Noni

Uncle Stephen, Brody and me

Russ, Billy and Brody

Brody and Cousin Ashleigh

Billy Getting him dressed in his blessing outfit!

Billy tried to get him to stand up on his own...he slowly slid down, but he looked cute!

I had to post this picture to point out his huge foot!!

I love this little carrier I highly recommend them! You can get so much done around the house and the baby can just look around!


Anonymous said...

He is the cutest little boy I have EVER seen!!!!

Mackay Family said...

What a special day for you guys! He looked so cute in his blessing outfit.

Where did you get your dress? I LOVE it!

William and Lacey said...

Thanks! Sydney I got my dress at Ralph Lauren.

Brian and Kaitlin said...

He looks so adorable in his outfit and hat!! I wish we could have been there!! By the way Ashleigh looks so grownup and pretty!! I can't believe how old she looks

Brian and Kaitlin said...

P.S. I love how you threw in the picture of Juvee and Stephen!! HAHA

William and Lacey said...

I know Ash does look old! That was stephen at the house right after the blessing he just changed fast!! I guess it does look random in there though : ) ha ha