Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brody 5 months!!! Lots of Rain, Moving, unpacking and a leaky roof!

We have been busy lately!!! So lots to blog about!! Brody turned 5 months old on the 2oth!! I just ca't believe it's been 5 months already! Let me tell you about my cute Brody boy at 5 months old! First off I wish I had a smiley picture because I feel like that is all he does now... he just smiles his toothy grin at me all day long and it makes my day! He also has the cutest giggle in the whole world! And when he giggles it's usually at the puppy! He sits up like a champ now! He rolls over both ways now...And he loves to stand up holding on to the couches! He only takes 2 naps a day. But he sleeps 12 hours at night! I cannot complain about that!

He loves loves LOVES eating baby food! Bananas are his favorite and green beans are his least favorite. He is wearing 6-12 month clothes and the shopping just get's more fun as they get older because there is even cuter stuff out there! Old Navy and Gap are still my 2 favorites for baby boy clothes! He watches Dora the explorer every morning while I shower and gets all excited and smiles when I put him in front of it! He loves going for walks in his stroller. Lately I've been taking him on 2-3 walks a day because it entertains him and gets us out of the house. We just love our little Buddy! I love watching Billy with Brody, he is the best daddy ever. He adores him and loves every second that he gets to be home with him. When I was pregnant I always thought I'd have to ask or even plead for Billy to watch him but the second he comes home he takes him and I'm lucky that I'm the one that has to feed him (nursing) otherwise I wouldn't get him back! : ) I also thought that when I had a baby I'd always be looking for a babysitter or hoping to get a break but we actually love taking him everywhere with us... it wouldn't be as fun without him!
So thank you thank you Brody for being such a cutie Boy...and for making our life so fun and exciting! We love you so so much! : )

Here are a few pics:
Preview of the Halloween Costume! I know people will ask me, so I got it at Babies R Us.. they had tons of cute costumes there and at Old Navy! They are around $20.00

This is him asleep at church, Billy and Brody had matching shirts it was too cute! I need to find a baby tie that would be adorable!

This is Brody asleep in our bed! Sometimes I'll feed him in bed and let him nap there! He looks so grown up sleeping in a normal size bed ( his hand looks huge in that picture! ha ha )

This is him one morning when he just woke up I set him in my bed... you can still see his little sleepy face...Gotta love the Halloween outfit! He was growing so fast I figured I better put him in it now or it might not fit him!

The Before and after of the back half of our kitchen

Still need to paint the door, put vent covers on and replace that old light with a cute chandelier and get cute drapes!

While we were moving all of our stuff in last weekend it was pouring and I mean POURING!!! It does not rain like this in Utah! I was not used to it that's for sure! Craziness!!! Anyways... it was a project getting all our stuff moved in while it was pouring. But we did it! Thank you so much Bill and Uncle Chris for helping us!! Well then the rain caused flooding and roof damage all over the city! Luckily we ONLY had roof damage! But it did cause a leak in our roof... so we are not so thrilled about it! But we are working on getting it fixed!!

Check out this picture of Atlanta! Billy works 5 minutes away from our house and it took him 2 hours to get home because of all the flooding and streets closed!


Jake and Rachelle said...

Love the costume! Brody is too cute! We get our baby ties at Children's Place. Crazy 8 might have some. Not sure? Your kitchen looks great! I need to post before and after pics of our house. It was so gross before we got it!

Mackay Family said...

Love the monkey costume! I can't believe the transformation in your kitchen! It looks AWESOME!

Heather said...

Your kitchen looks amazing! You need to do a little DIY blog and let us all know your tricks and tips! Looks like you guys are having fun and keeping busy! Keep up the blogging!

Spilsburys said...

wow so fun Lacy ! You did a great job in your kitchen !I love the costume too!

Tyler and Rachael said...

Hooray for Brody and being so cute at 5 months. And hooray for you moving into your house. Boo for flooding and rain, rain, rain. Good luck with the rain damage---eeek.

Cam and Beth said...

He is getting so big! And sooo handsome! That halloween costume is too cute!

Here is a site with baby ties that are handmade that I think you might like!

Cam and Beth said...

Haha I forgot to post the website! Sorry!

Anonymous said...

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