Monday, June 7, 2010

Billy's Big Birthday Present!

This is going to be Billy! He's going SKYDIVING!!

So Billy turned 28 on May 23! I know you are all thinking WOOOOOW THAT IS SO OLD! I know he is really getting up there! So to celebrate he is going SKYDIVING! The subject of going skydiving got brought up recently and he said he would totally go and that he really wants to try it! But now that he is actually going I think he's really nervous! I will be watching from the ground! So anybody BRAVE ENOUGH who wants to go...come join him!! : )


Mackay Family said...

Go Billy! What an awesome birthday present. Can't wait to see pictures from that adventure!

The Cersey Family said...

Any news regarding when? Justin is still in. Just let us know when and where.