Monday, August 2, 2010

Brody's 15 Month Check up

On Friday Brody had his 15 month check up and shots. 15 months seems really old to me. I can't believe how fast time is flying by! Here are the Brods stats:

Height: 33.50 inches 96 percentile

Weight: 27 pds 82 percentile

Still growing strong! The pediatrician (who I absolutley Love!! Dr. Burnham at Roswell Pediatrics) said so many wonderful things about Brody at this visit. He told me that he is one of the most confident 15 month olds he's ever seen and he usually doesn't get to do such thorough good checks. He was impressed with how many words he is saying or has said. And he said Brody had some of the whitest cleanest teeth he'd ever seen! That would be props to Billy for forcing a toothbrush into Brodys mouth every single night and getting each and every inch of his teeth. When I brush his teeth I usually just let him do it or chew on it. Anyway... guess it's paying off! It made us feel really good! We know we are doing something right! ha ha : )

Brody's personality has really changed and grown in the past 2 weeks. He is super silly and goofy all of the time. He giggles all day at everything he does and at us. He's so funny! And he loves to show off and dance all the time! He has jabbered and talked for a long time now. But now he does some crazy baby language where he looks at you and goes on and on thinking you can understand him. It's so hilarious : ) He also loves to pretend talk on the phone. I could go on and on! Just when I thought it couldn't get any more fun with him it does!! Although I have to be honest he has become quite the handful on top of all the fun! He has turned into mega explorer and wants to touch everything no matter where we are. And his favorite thing to do is run away from you and have you chase him. And this kid runs FAST!! At Church yesterday I'd let go of his hand for 2 seconds and he'd be running down the aisle of sacrament heading toward the stand! And I would run as fast as I can in 4 inch heels after him, but he always makes it to the front!! Good thing he will be in Nursery in October!! : )

In other news:

Pregnancy still going strong... Still sick but I don't think it's as bad as last pregnancy. And I will have like 4 good days in a row sometimes. So I'm really grateful for all of that. I'm now 14 weeks along and it's KILLING ME not knowing what the gender is. Usually you find out around 20 weeks. I just want to know if Brody is going to have a little brother to wrestle and play with or a little sister to annoy and protect!

I also got a new calling: I'm sunday school teacher for 12-13 year olds. I was TERRIFIED when I first got it. Just because all of the sunday school classes I was in were terrible! I feel so bad for all my old sunday school teachers! But surprisingly enough, I have absolutely LOVED teaching them! It's been so fun! I love all the kids in there and I'm learning a ton about the Old Testament!


Mackay Family said...

Brody is such a cutie! Good job on the teeth brushing. We finally got an electric one and Tanner now likes to brush his teeth.

Hope you start feeling better all the time soon. Good for you and your new calling. I would be terrified too!

Brian and Kaitlin said...

Yay for Brody!! He is such a big kid!!! We took Gantt to the Doctor on Saturday and he is 34 inches and 29 pounds, these cute little boys are the same size!! 2 more months, yay!!!!

Krista said...

Lace He is getting so big thats crazy and he is so cute! I am so excited to see you guys!!!! I tried calling you back... I hope those tickets work out who are they through? Brad sister needs to get some!