Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Double Stroller

(Kolcraft Contours double stroller)

I can't believe we actually need one of these with 2 kids so close in age! But we do and we bought one. I had to post about this stroller cause seriously it's awesome!!

Let me tell you a little about it:
  • -you can remove both seats and turn them in a different direction. So you can face them toward each other or face them towards you.
  • -you can completely remove on one seat if you just want to use it as a single stroller with tons of storage
  • -pretty much all carseats hook on to it
  • -they lean back all the way flat
  • -the sun covers can completely cover down if you're trying to block a newborn from the sun
  • -each seat can hold up to 40 pounds, so a kid could ride in them
  • -the back seat is set up higher so they can see over the front seat if the sun cover is not up of course.
    -the back tires are larger than the front tires, which just makes for a way smooth easy ride

I'm always looking for reviews on strollers, carseats and everything so I thought I'd talk about this one for anyone shopping for one. Online it got great reviews too!

Now the baby or cousin Gantt need to get here so we can try it out with 2!!


Brian and Kaitlin said...

O my gosh that is so Awesome!! It's better than what I had pictured in my mind, Brody and the new baby are gonna love it!! And we for sure need to "test" it out with Brody and Gantt. WE should face them towards each other so they can talk to each other while being pushed around!! But seriously that looks awesome and brand new, you did good!!

Ashley said...

Lacey that is too funny... that is the stroller that I have been going back and forth with:) Still deciding though:)

Ryan and Brindi said...

that looks so great! i may have to get that one if i need a double stroller later! thx for the good review.

JON and EM said...

Looks awesome! And I love the red! Good choice!

Luke and Marin said...

Thank you!!! It looks awesome!!!

The Redds said...

So I took forever trying to decide which double stroller to get and I ended up getting that exact one! I absolutely love it!!! I was nervous about having to take the seats on and off, but it has been wonderful being able to turn the seats different ways and turn the kiddos towards me when it's windy. Just thought I'd let you know that I think you're going to love it!