Monday, August 30, 2010

Marvelously Made Mondays!

Today is my first ever "Marvelously Made Monday" on my blog! There are so many cute ideas out there on things that are sewn, home made, fixed up or baked! I want to be able to share some ideas from other blogs that I find. Plus then I get to have all my favorite found ideas on my blog for me to remember or use later! So here are a few of my finds for today:
Feel free to let me know your favorites too!
NOTE: (the links are linking for some strange reason. SO you'll have to copy and paste the link)

Pin the tail on the donkey? Well how about Pin the candle on the cupcake?!!!
How cute is this:

Check out the full post HERE:

Next up:

I love Thrift store and antique store shopping. So I love seeing these "bought something for $3 and made it absolutely adorable" posts! I thought this desk turned out so cute!

TO see the full post on her blog check it out here:


Third Item I love:

Isn't this such a cute birthday gift idea for a little girl! So SO cute!

Check out the full directions and how she made it here:


I saved one of my favorites for last! You will not believe the before on the DIY project!! It doesn't even look like the same piece of furniture! I thought this turned out so ADORABLE! I would have never thought to paint the inside of the cubby's a different color. But it turned out so perfect!

For full directions check it out HERE:



Charity said...

Thanks for looking, and I am glad you so overwhelmingly like my projects! See you again!

Erin A said...

Thanks for posting my desk, you're too sweet!! I've got to love a bargain shopping kindred spirit! :)

Have a great week!!