Friday, March 25, 2011

The KRAZY coupon LADY! I'm obsessed!


I have recently discovered EXTREME couponing. When I heard about people using coupons, I always thought to myself. " what a waste of time to save a dollar off this and .50 off that." But I was totally wrong and missing out! I saw a post on a FB friend's status. It was this picture

Thanks TARA !! ( hope you don't mind I stole this picture from you! )

She got all of this stuff for $15 but they actually overcharged her by $10.

So then I was intrigued. I found the KRAZY COUPON LADY and her amazing website and I was hooked. I've been getting free stuff ever since!
The first time I got:
16 boxes of pasta
and 4 gatorades
for $2.00
  My second time I got:
 2 free toddler socks,
and 2 soft scrub spray cleaners (MY FAVORITE CLEANER OF ALL TIME!)
 for $1.52.

And Tonight I'm going to get
4 big bottles of Listerine
2 big packs of advil
and 2 Thermacare neck and wrist wraps
 for $2.00

Seriously if you are interested in this whole couponing thing... JUST DO IT! It's awesome. I was always so worried about taking the time to find all the deals and match them up but The Krazy coupon Lady does it all for you on her site and her FB page. So I get updates all day on FB and then I just go do them if they are cheap or free or something I need. If you go to her website she walks you through exactly how couponing works and eveything you need to know!

Plus don't miss the two ladies behind it all on MONDAY on NATE BERKUS!

I'M HOOKED!!! And thought I would share!


Christy said...

lol couponing can be a great thing! It does take work but it is totally worth it. I have a hard time paying full price for anything anymore. But for me it's like my job. I save a lot of money doing it and I get all my bathroom stuff really cheap or free. Best of luck to you Lacey. Watch out it might become an addiction jk!

Tara Thueson said...

haha!! You're welcome!! I actually went back into Smiths and got my other $10!! :) Good luck! It takes time but it is sooooo dang worth it when you are saving hundreds and hundreds on groceries every week! :)