Wednesday, October 9, 2013

{Blue Modern Weave}

I love this Blue Modern Weave Pillow cover! I wanted to pair it with orange to show that you can really MIX AND MATCH anything together. I am always getting messages and emails asking which pillows would go good together. I love all your emails and messages but my reply is usually the same. " Just mix and match the ones you love" If you are absolutely in LOVE with a certain pillow you will probably love it sitting in your home. Every time you walk by it on your couch it will probably make you happy just like it did when you saw it on your screen! The best part about decorating is there is no wrong or right. Just do what you love! It's your home and you deserve to have it representing you! Be creative and don't be afraid to mix it up! : )

In case that speech still left you wondering what to pair this with...

This would be so cute with a yellow pillow cover, red for a nautical feel, Green for a fresh clean serene. Hot pink for a Ralph Lauren feel (he's good at mixing Blue and Pink)! Blue and grey is also a cute combo... See what I mean ; ) You can mix and match anything!

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