Friday, November 15, 2013

Fitness and my First 5k

Last year around Thanksgiving I started putting on a few extra pounds. You know all the delicious Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy (MY FAV), corn, and my grandma's cranberry jello. Oh and of course all the pies and dessert! Well I was lucky enough to have my extended family and Billy's family all over for dinner. It is one of my most favorite memories to this day!!
Since I had the pleasure of hosting I also go to eat leftovers for a week straight! I took advantage of that. It was the beginning of the 15 pounds I put on.

I worked out on and off by going to Zumba 2 days a week when it was convenient and that was fun. I ate semi healthy when I felt like it. But Eventually I got to a point where I ate whatever I wanted and didn't work out or exercise at all. Once I looked in the mirror and actually got on the scale to see the number I just had no desire to do anything about it. I have been a gym rat before. I know the motivation and dedication it takes. And I just did not have it.

But recently I found it!! Over the past few months little by little I have made small changes. We are talking baby steps. I found an amazing girl online. Some of you may have heard of her blog: . She is incredible and she inspired me. I also had a friend who started a biggest loser group so I have been apart of that which helped too.  I can't leave out my friend Katie who sells advocare... she inspired me too! check her out here:

Anyway I'm happy to say I'm back on the work out wagon again. I feel GREAT! I'm eating healthy and I signed up for a 5k on Thanksgiving Day! I HATE HATE HATeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeE running! So this has been a big challenge for me training and actually running. I've only been doing it for 3 weeks! And I have 12 days left of training according to my COUCH to 5K app. I only have about 12 days left before the actual 5K in Atlanta too. So it's getting closer. My only goal is to run the entire thing. For me that is huge! And the best part is I've lost 4 pounds out of 15. One by one they are creeping off : )

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