Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to start an Etsy Shop PART TWO

You will find PART 1: How to Start an Etsy Shop HERE.

In Part one you will have registered with Etsy, named your shop, and created a banner!
Now it's time to list your first item! For me this is the really fun part. I love this whole creative process!

1) Take pictures of your item
There are so many creative and unique ways to do this! I have read a lot of articles put out by Etsy on what they know helps sell. So here's a few tips:
  • Take a picture with a solid white and clean background or
  • Take a picture of your item in it's setting
For Example: I sell pillows, so I take my main pictures with a solid light background.  I also try to take pictures of the item in a living room setting.

Have you ever Noticed what the FRONT PAGE featured items on all have in common? Let's take a look...

You'll notice all light clean backgrounds. Etsy picks their favorite items that fit nicely in these front page treasuries. So if you want to be featured on Etsy's HOME PAGE then you want to follow these tips they shared HERE. (Being featured on the home page can really put you on the map)

A few simple photography tips: (More tips from Etsy HERE)

1) Take Crisp clear simple photos

2) Take a picture that best shows your item for exactly what it is. “Photography is the only way for a consumer to understand the look, feel, and size of your item — make sure you present it in the best possible light,” says Mary Andrews, a Merchandising Specialist at Etsy and owner of Etsy shop Contrary.

3)Use all 5 Photo slots! Etsy gives you 5 slots to fill with pictures of your item. Use every single one! That's your chance to really sell the customer on your product. Take a picture of your item 5 different ways if you have to or pair it with other items.

4)Feature a model wearing or with your item. This can bring life and excitement to your photo. Plus we all relate to people. Recruit your friends! For more tips on a creating a photo shoot on a budget go HERE.

5) Make your shop cohesive. I have really tried to do this. I try to pick items that go together and look good together. I try to take all my photos in the same spot at the same time of day. I still have some photos I need to update to match the newer ones.

6) Keep practicing your photography skills. I shutter at the sight of my first photos in my shop. But all I can do is continually improve my skills and replace the pictures as I get better. I'm happy with where my pictures are now. I'm guessing in 5 years as I learn more about photography these pictures will make me shutter too! : )

Now you've taken your pictures. Let's list your first item!

2) Add your items
Click YOUR SHOP at the top right side. Next click on ADD NEW ITEM.

Give your listing a great title and description.
Next you want to select a section for your items. (These are the categories you can create to separate your items and make them easier for customers to find on your shop page)
Recipient: After that you'll select a recipient. So you might select women, children, or men depending on your target audience.

Occasion: You could select what occasion would best match your item. So for me selling pillows, mine would be house warming, birthday, or Christmas.

Style: You can select only 2 styles. I usually select Modern and Traditional for my items.

Tags: THIS ONE IS VERY IMPORTANT! You want to pick good tags. These are the words that customers will search on Etsy and if your item is tagged correctly your item will pop up on their search. I wrote some examples above for you. Try searching the items you will sell in Etsy. And see what tags other shops have used. This will be helpful when picking them for your item.

Price: Do lots of research on Etsy. If everyone is selling a similar item for $10 cheaper than you. Why would they buy from you? This is especially important when just opening up your shop. As you get a good amount of followers and repeat customers, they will believe in your product, trust you and be willing to pay for the high quality trust worthy shop over a lower priced one.

Processing Time: Make sure you don't OVER promise and UNDER deliver. I heard that saying a long time ago and think it applies well here. If I have a huge week and am a day behind, I get lots of emails and convos from customers asking why their item hasn't shopped. Customers are really wonderful when you explain why or contact them first to say you are a little behind. But the point is you need to be realistic and accurate when specifying how long it will take you to ship out items.

Next you'll hit PREVIEW LISTING the item.

You can now see exactly how your item will look. If it looks okay you will click PUBLISH.

You just listed your first item on Etsy. Now it's ready to be purchased by millions of Etsy shoppers!

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