Thursday, February 6, 2014

Virtual Roadtrip-1st stop BRINA BOX in Arkansas


Our first stop begins in ARKANSA with Sabrina Box from BRINA BOX Essential Glamour! The well known lifestyle boutique offering clothes, jewelry, and accessories.
Not only is this girl GORGEOUS, she is a stylish stay at home Mom who started her own business. I started following Brina box when she joined Instagram not that long ago. I've watched her grow to over 17,000 FOLLOWERS rapidly! It just shows how amazing she is and how gorgeous her jewelry, accessories and clothing are! This girl is going places!! You will want to go follow her @brinabox on twitter and Instagram.
 Let's learn more about Sabrina and her company....
Tell us a about Brinabox Essential Glamour?
We are a lifestyle boutique offering clothes, jewelry, accessories and anything else that worthy to cause her to sparkle and shine! At incredibly competitive prices, we take pride in our quality and variety all at affordable prices. Every woman should be able to feel 100% glamorous and not have to break the bank. 
What inspired you to start Brinabox?
 I have a passion for fashion. Color, texture, design of it all inspires and ignites my passion every day at work. I truly believe in the successful mother/woman, I work from home and enjoy the ability to raise my kids and pursue my childhood passion to sell pretty things! 
What is your dream, where do you see yourself, and what motivates you to do this every day?
My ultimate dream seems to sometimes have this undeserving overwhelm at times due to the quick growth of the company, I feel so blessed to have made it where I am today. I would love for Brina Box to grow into an empire of beauty and fashion products for millions of women. Someday we will have high end vending machines at major locations for people to shop on a whim and in a hurry for easiest convenience. My motivation comes from my amazing, supportive and loyal followers, I love the social networking end of the business and will continue to drive that passion myself as long as I continue this business.
What was your biggest challenge throughout the process of starting and growing your business?
The biggest challenge I have felt in the process is balancing my home life with my work life. Being home based, I have to remember to designate times for work and times for my family. It’s all about balance and I’m learning that everyday. My children and husband are my priority so finding the choice is easy but the task is at large!
If you could go back to your former self in the first year(s) when you were starting what would you tell yourself or what advice would you give yourself?
Don’t be so hard on yourself! One day at a time! I think I would get so nervous and worried about the little things that really it’s just all part of the process and learning. I’m so grateful for every step this has taken, the burdens have truly been worth the outcome.
What’s the biggest piece of advice you could give someone who is thinking about starting a business?
Start simple. I’m a believer in starting it off very practical and obtainable without having to go into debt for it. I started off this business with a few hundred dollars and had minimal debt to pay it off. Focus on a few stand out, unique products for your name to get out there and not be too confusing. Social networking is your friend and will take you farther than you think. Be resourceful and team up with other fellow entrepreneurs and businesses, it’s a great tool for both of you!
Where can we Find and follow you at?
Instagram and Twitter @brinabox
Thank you so much Sabrina! You are gorgeous, hard working, and inspirational! Thank you for sharing your story and company with us. What a pleasure to interview you! I truly believe you have set impressive goals and will accomplish them!
A Few things that stood out to me from her interview:
1) "Every woman should be able to feel 100% glamorous and not have to break the bank."
Well said! And I think Husbands would agree with that! ; )
2) I love that she talks about believing in a successful mother/woman. I have a huge passion for helping Moms and women know they can start businesses with or with out children at home. I love the freedom that working from home gives me to be with my children.  I was so glad to hear her say that too.
3) I loved that she spoke about the challenge of BALANCE. I too know what a struggle that can be. What great advice she gives to schedule time for work and for family.
4) This girl has big dreams and I love that! I love her idea of having high end jewelry in vending machines all around.
5) And last I love that she gives advice to those wanting to start a business. To START SMALL, with little to no debt. And to really use social media to grow your company!
Thank you again to Sabrina and good luck to anyone thinking about starting their own business!
Head on over to to drool over all her gorgeous jewelry, clothing, and accessories!

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