Thursday, October 16, 2008

Best Husband Award and Smores!


I have to dedicate a post to my wonderful Husband! He truly deserves some kind of Best Husband Award...
Here's the story:

So Wednesday night Billy has young Men's at 7:00 PM. So I called Billy on his way home from work and asked if he would stop off at the grocery store and get a whole bunch of stuff. I told him in return I would make sure he had mashed potatoes ready (His fav) so he could just eat and go to Young Mens. Well when I went to pull out the potatoes we were completely out! So I had to call him and tell him that we didn't have any and he'd have to buy some.

So... He came home ate something else really fast and ran off to make it to Young Men's. Then he came home and went upstairs and painted our room. Then he came downstairs at about 9:3o, and he remembered that they had potluck at work. And he was supposed to make a specific dish, well we didn't have the correct ingredients. So he ran to the store a 2nd time to get them, I also thought of a pasta salad I wanted to make that needed Italian dressing.

So he got home at about 10:00 PM and he had forgotten the italian dressing. I had already put the salad together so all the ingredients were wet and ready but just needed the italian dressing. So Billy ran back a 3rd time to the store! Well then he accidentally grabbed the wrong Italian dressing! It said Zesty Italian and looked all crazy. And this recipe is very specific, it takes a lot of ingredients....and we didn't want them to all go to waste and be ruined by topping it off with the wrong dressing!

So at 10:30 Pm a very tired husband ran back to the store a 4th TIME!!!! I made his potluck dish, and I finished making the salad by 11:00!

What husband is so patient, and cares enough to do all that!....In fact what wife!!! I can't believe he went back 4 times!!! And then came back and all italian dressings are the same, some just say Zesty so he really got the right one at the third trip! OOPS! : )

Not to mention he had a long day at work, skipped his lunch to look at a house, drove home in traffic then went to young mens, painted our room, then ran to the store 4 TIMEs!!!

Billy I love you! Thank you so much for all you do! I can't wait to make it up to you somehow! I'll think of something!
Then tonight we made SMORES!!!!!

Since we weren't at a campfire.... we made them on our grill! It was so fun! It looks like there is no flame the flash on the camera made the flame dissapear in the picture! But believe me it was there! Billy kept sticking his whole marshmallow in it and letting it catch on fire!!! : )


And Today I babysat My cute little TYLER!!!!

He was so big and he could walk! He's a cutie and I was so glad to have some company for an hour or two!!! : )

La Juvee in Heat!

My poor puppy is in heat! We've gone through a few of these and she still can't get used to these stupid diapers! She hates them and she is miserable..... But they are definitely needed!!!!
Her little bum is sooo tiny I had to buy premie diapers to fit her! Good thing she only goes in heat every 6 months, wish it were that way for humans!!!!


Mackay Family said...

You have a good husband! They have to learn to be patient with women!

Krista said...

shrend did I tell you I ran into Kami?

The Wright Family said...

Dont sweat it. I know how it is. It sucks so bad. I really just hope it goes away soon for you. I couldnt imagine being sick for three months. I do know its not fun, so dont sweat it. I talked to Billy today and I told him to tell you not to hesitate to call me if you need anything or if you ever want some company. We will come take care of you! Just dont be afraid to holler. I hope you feel better and eat stuff that will absorb in your tummy! Breads, crackers (they are the best) Dont eat anything heavy like oatmeal! I am sure you doc told you!

Melissa said...

WOW! Billy really is such a sweetheart to you! You are truly blessed with an amazing husband Lace!

mindi said...

You are so cute, I love that you're so in love. It's so gushy, but still cute.

mindi said...

Oh yeah I don't know how to do the layout on my blog, my friend in AZ did it for me before I left. So get used to seeing it because I don't know how to change it.

Krista said...

She is doing good! She is coming into my school tomorrow for me to do my hair so I am sure I will have story time after that!