Wednesday, October 15, 2008

7 Things About Us!

Ryan and Bridget tagged us, so here it goes! : )
Side Note: When I tried to scan this picture, I couldn't get it to work. So I took a picture of a picture with my camera. SO that's why it looks a little funny. Billy's eyes kinda dissapeared when I did it. But it's too bad cause they look blue as ever and so beautiful in the original!

7 Things we plan to do before we die:
  1. Have 4 or 5 little kiddos! (we'll see for sure after the 1st!)
  2. Travel and go on lots of vacations in amazing and exotic places!
  3. Retire young and be able to do whatever we want as a family.
  4. Billy is convinced he has to have a lamborghini, gallardo before he dies! (Hopefully he'll settle for a corvette!)
  5. Buy a Beach house (wouldn't that be so fun to decorate!)
  6. Start or own some kind of company and learn how to run it successfully!
  7. Be able to pay for our kids college degrees
7 Things we can do:
  1. Be spontaneous and just take off for a weekend! ( we miss all our vegas getaways!)
  2. Snorkel & Boogie board for hours!
  3. Play board games all night long!
  4. Watch the Harry Potters over and over and over again!
  5. Make it to church late every single Sunday!
  6. Sleep anywhere...the floor, couches...anywhere! We don't mind!
  7. Take a million pictures of everything all the time!
7 Things we cannot do:
  1. Skip a meal! We both get really grouchy!
  2. Go a day without telling each other "I love you!"
  3. Long Hikes or extreme Camping! (we both can appreciate a little hike, and we both love to camp but nothing to extreme!)
  4. Spend money on things not in our budget! We are good budgeters!
  5. Go too long without seeing our friends and family! We both love to be around people!
  6. Say no to a competition.......We are both extremely competitive!!!
  7. Go very long with out a tan!

7 Things that attract us to each other:

Since Billy went upstairs to finish painting I will just do it about him!

  1. His gorgous bright blue eyes!
  2. His Sunny, happy personality all the time, and how easy going he is!
  3. His love for cuddling
  4. How sporty he is and how he is honestly good at every sport!
  5. His hot bod! : )
  6. How he takes pride in everything he does: work, his church calling, his relationships with friends, family and especially me!
  7. His confidence without being arrogant in anyway! Not everyone can pull that off! : )

7 Things we say most often:

  1. Billy: " do we have to watch Jon and Kate plus 8?"
  2. I'm starving!!!
  3. Juvee you wanna go outside?
  4. Your on my side! (Bed every night)
  5. Babe ( I swear we don't use each others names ever!)
  6. I love you!
  7. I can't wait for North Carolina!

7 Celeb Admirations:

  1. Oprah

Don't really admire to many celebs out there! Everyone else dodged this one, so are we!

7 Favorite Foods:

  1. Cafe Rio
  2. Olive Garden
  3. Melting Pot
  4. Aunt Karen's Baked Macaroni ( Really anything from Aunt Karen..Best cook ever!)
  5. Grandma's potatoe salad! SOOOOO good!
  6. Noni's artichoke dip
  7. Ceasar Salad from just about anywhere!

7 People we tag:

  1. Kaitlin/Brain
  2. Dani / Dave
  3. Erica/TJ England
  4. Janae/Kevin
  5. Jared/Charle
  6. Jaci/Callan
  7. Krista Herd

And anyone else who wants to!


David and Rachel said...

Hey we just saw that you guys rented your house...where are you two living now??

Keesler Family said...

Wesley always asks me if we really have to watch "Jon and Kate Plus 8". That part is almost the same as what we would say too. I just laughed when I read that part. We don't use each others name much either. We say Babe so much our kids are going to think our names are babe. Thank you for "7 Things About Us!" It was really cool to get to know you guys more. THANK YOU... I love your Picture too you guys are so cute.