Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving was so delicious this year! I mean isn't it every year??? But I think being pregnant it tasted extra good! We were lucky enough to get 2 Thanksgiving dinners. We did a faux Thanksgiving on Monday with Billy's Mom and the real day we were at Billy's Dad's! They were both soooooooo good! I just love all the Holiday food! I took pictures and was planning on taking pics of the people but I never did! So here are some pics of dinner!

The perfect turkey

The stuffing, potatoes, gravy and rolls

The dinner table

And cute little Daisy with her huge bone

Little Juvee is such a cuddle bug, she always wants to be held and near people! I thought she looked so cute with Bill

And here she is again all ready to go to dinner!

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