Thursday, November 27, 2008

Update & 4 Months!

It's definitely time for a pregnancy update! I am will be 19 weeks along next week!
Which means pretty much half way!
I have been so nauseas ever since I found out I was pregnant. But luckily about 3 weeks ago I got a new prescription called Zofran and I felt perfect! I was so happy!
And next time I get pregnant I will definitely get it at the beginning so I don't have to go through 4 months of throwing up and feeling miserable! But I am so happy to be feeling better....
Although there are so many things I could complain about with pregnancy. Being pregnant is nothing like I imagined it. And I wish I could have been better prepared or better informed about how much of a sacrifice it is. You really go through a lot and I know it's all worth it, but our husbands should be SOOOOO very grateful for what we do to have kids! And I haven't even experienced the birth part yet!
Billy is so supportive and listens to me complain and is so sympathetic and would do anything for me. It means so much to me, because I don't think he can ever understand exactly what I am going through and he still has so much compassion.
I feel so guilty for judging all those pregnant girls out there. I remember thinking " man they complain so much! Just be grateful your pregnant and stop complaing about being fat! " or " Morning sickness and nausea cannot be that bad!" I guess that is what I get for thinking all those things!
But now I totally get it! And I'm sure there are plenty of women who have had it much worse than me! But to all you pregnant women out there I feel for you! And I know what you are going through!
I have started to feel the baby kick and that is pretty cool! It feels like a little flick and it happens to me all day long.
I have been dying to buy baby stuff but since I don't know if it's a boy or a girl I have been holding off! But Monday we find out!!!! I am so excited to know! And then 2 days after we find out we fly to Utah for my grandma's wedding so we get to tell all my family in person what the baby is!
Yayyyy I'm so excited! I think it's a girl (cause that's my preference!) But we will see! I would love my baby boy just as much!

4 Months
As you can see I am looking huge... I keep thinking I'm ONLY half way how flippin big am I gonna get!!! But I've been lucky to only gain it in the belly so far! I can still wear my jeans.... but they are starting to get tight! And even though I look HUGE I have only gained 7 pounds. But seriously I can not get used to this huge belly thing! I'm being so brave posting this pic on here! So hope you all enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I think you look absolutly beautiful! You are a very cute pregnant girl! I am so excited to find out what you are having... I am going to side with you - I think it's a girl too:-) - Mom's are always right...


Mackay Family said...

You look adorable pregnant! Keep the pictures coming. Glad that you finally found something to help with your nausea. I would love to see you while you are in Utah if you have time!

Laura said...

You look so cute and i really hope that you have a girl too cause i want to send you clothes!! Also you make me sick that you still fit into your pants. lets hope that is me when i have kids!! well you look so cute and happy

Luke and Marin said...

You look so cute! And I so know how you feel with feeling huge!!!

Anonymous said...

You look SO SO SO GOOD!!

Beki said...

You look great! I always saw the baby/pregnancy thing as it's an experience to remember and I tried to have the best outlook on it all...and my dad always has said.. if you're not flexible you'll break! So I try to remember that when I can :) Good luck! It's so great! And congrats on your house too!!! WAHOO!!! Adult life/ fun!