Friday, January 2, 2009

Sianara 2008!!!

2008 is over! I can't believe we are really in 2009. New years always makes you look back over the past year and ponder about what has happened and changed. And it always makes me look to the future of what the new year will bring.
Looking back on 2008-

Well we enjoyed our first year living away from Utah. We both got to experience new jobs in a place other than Utah. We had the wonderful experience of building our first home together. We really have loved living around our Georgia family and getting to spend time with them. We got pregnant and have enjoyed preparing and looking forward to a brand new little baby boy! It's also been such a cool experience to have Kaitlin (my sister in law) pregnant at the same time and go through all the same things! This year we also had to say goodbye to Kaitlin and Brian when they moved to Hawaii... We were so sad to see them leave but we had a blast visiting them in Hawaii this summer. We also went to North Carolina twice!!! Once for our first beach wedding.(Billy's cousin Chris's beautiful Wedding) And once for our annual North Carolina trip! We were also able to visit Utah for Grandma's wedding and see all our Utah family! We have both had a lot of new experiences both challenging and exciting! But we have learned a lot, been very blessed in so many ways, and all in all 2008 was a fabulous year!

Looking forward to 2009-

I think 2009 will be even better than 2008! I only say that because my little Brody will be here! I know having a baby is going to change our lives completely!!! I know it's going to bring tons of NEW experiences and trials over the next year! But we are definitely ready to take them on!

New Year's Eve!

Sharon, Sarah and me

New years was a fun night! We went to our friend's house.... Russ and Sarah. We played the funnest game Blokus (we got it for Christmas and are obsessed) and ate brownies. We of course had to wear New Year's hats and blow on our New Year's noisemakers! We drank yummy martinellis sparkling cider and sangria and watched the ball drop! It was so fun to watch the ball drop at midnight live! In Utah it was always 10:00PM when New York dropped the ball! For once I get to see it first!

Russ, James and Billy

(His noisemaker was retarted it blew to the side! )

So Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great year! Thanks to all our friends and family who have made 2008 a wonderful year!!!


Nat and Grant said...

Happy New Year guys. Your belly pics are seriously precious :)

Mackay Family said...

Happy New Years! Looks like a fun night! I want to play that game. We found a new fun game called Pop Five! It is a blast.

Luke and Marin said...

Cute pictures! You look great!