Saturday, May 2, 2009

Brody's 1st Lake Visit!

Brody had his very first Lake Visit at only 5 days old!!! I know I'm crazy for taking him out... but I figure he is safe from germs at the lakehouse it's not like I took him out in public! It was so nice to get out. I have felt mostly normal after giving birth, so it has been killing me to stay inside. I want to take him out and show him off! But I know I can do that later. For now we will keep him indoors safe from swine flu : )

Grandpa made this sign for him! How cute!

This is a picture of the lakehouse from the stairs from the dock. It has a fresh coat of new tan paint. Looking good!

Bill and Billy were getting the Lakehouse all ready for Memorial Day and fun Summer weekends! I had to take a picture of their hard work. It looked spotless!

Cute Grandma and Larry! They haven't even been married 6 months yet! They are the cutest newlyweds!

They all went out for a ride on the boat!

Except for me and Brody... We stayed at the dock and watched them! Brody is a little too young for a boat ride at 5 days old plus I don't think they make life jackets in his size!

Grandpa trying to catch some fish on the paddle boat

Billy took grandma out on the fishing boat...
And while they were out trying to catch a fish Grandpa caught this just off the dock! They were so jelous!

Grandma and Larry Hardy

Our cute little Brody in Grandma's arms!!! He loves his cozy yellow polka dot blanket!!

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Brian and Kaitlin said...

Brian thought that the welcome sign dad did for Brody was cute. I can't believe you went out already, I still have anxiety going out and Gantt is 3 months, haha!!