Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Many faces of our little Brody!

The many faces of our little Brody! He is one of the most expressive babies I have ever seen. He is always scowling, or making funny faces! It's so cute... We love it! Here are some of the many pictures I have taken over the past 2 weeks! Can you believe it?!!! On Monday he will 2 weeks old! Time flies when you're having fun! We just LOVE him so much! He is changing so much! His little hair just keeps looking redder and redder depending on the light! It's so cute! And he is so much fun!
My "content face"
My " super cute face "
My "Monkey face"
My " Binki face"
My " golfer face"
My " awake face "
My " the light is bright face"
My "surprised face"
My " scowl face"
My " just got my diaper changed face"
My " I am full face"
My " looking around face"
My " I'm a burrito face"
My "quit taking pictures with the flash face"
Some Random Pictures I like!

Grandma and Brody
This picture is for those of you who haven't had a baby and want to know what you look like after giving birth! I was always so curious!!! Unfortunately not deflated and instantly skinny!!!!
(atleast for me it didn't happen that way)

Poor La Juvee is no longer the baby and has been moping around!

Brody's first Sponge Bath!

Billy Loving every minute of it!

Brody didn't cry at all! I was shocked! We'll see how good he is on his first REAL bath though!

Sorry for picture OVERLOAD but I hope you Loved them! I could look at them all day long!!!


Brian and Kaitlin said...

I love looking at all these cute pictures of my nephew, too cute!! And I love all of his clothes, they are so adorable I want to get them for Gantt!!

Melissa said...

LACEy! Oh how beautiful is your new baby!! Brody is going to be a heartbreaker, you can already tell! He is just glowing. How fun! I love all the pictures!

chel wakley said...

He is adorable.

Krista said...

Shrendie I miss you!!!! Either you need to come to utah or I need to come there but we need to chat and catch up and i want to hold your cute little one! and just hang out like we used to I miss it!!!!