Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day to the WORLD'S BEST DADDY!

Happy Father's Day!
It was Billy's 1st Father's Day! And He totally deserved it! He is the best Daddy I could ever ask for! He is always jumping at the chance to change, hold, bathe, or do anything for Brody! He loves being a Dad and he is a REALLY good one! I'm so proud of him and so grateful for how much he loves and adores our little boy! Nothing makes me happier than over hearing him talking to him and making him smile and telling Brody how cute he is! Brody is so LUCKY to have him as a Dad! For Father's Day I brought Billy breakfast in bed (scrambled eggs and an orange julius) And then he opened his presents... he got sawhorses and kneepads for tiling (tools) and a few other little things! And then I made him a cake that said " WORLD'S BEST DAD!" cause that's what he is! It wasn't the prettiest cake that's for sure... but it tasted pretty good! I love you Billy! Thanks for being the best husband and Dad you can be!

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