Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pool Time!

Brody's 1st swim at the pool!
He has that face like " Mom, get this silly hat off me" this hat is WAY too big for him...ha ha

His first little dip in the pool... not too sure about it

But now comfy as can be! He liked it! It's so warm in Georgia lately I'm not sure he could even tell he was in water it was super warm and there wasn't much difference from outside and in the pool!

Grandma Noni holding him after his swim! She DOES NOT look like a grandma! She looks so cute sitting there... and amazing in a swimsuit!

snoozing away!
Crazy boys!
Billy and Stephen were trying to catch a ball and they were making the funniest faces!! ha ha these pictures make me laugh...

Stephen always sticks his tongue out every time he tried to get it!

No matter how old you get you always act crazy and goofy! I think that's what makes life fun!


Mackay Family said...

What a fun first swim party! He looks so cute in his swimsuit. He is seriously getting so big!

Brian and Kaitlin said...

Haha I love these pictures!! We are gonna all have to go up to the pool while we are there, it will be so much fun, and these 2 cute baby boys will be adorable in their swimsuits!