Thursday, November 19, 2009

7 Months OLD!

BRODY 7 Months old!
(as of Nov.20th, I was a little late posting his 6 month)

Brody is now 7 Months old. Me and Billy could not be any more in LOVE with this Boy! We absolutely love spending time with him. He's now at this stage where he coos and talks and screams... and giggles and smiles all the time! He's such a joy to be around!
I had so much fun taking all these pictures! Someday I would love to be photographer... so it's been so fun practicing on this little guy. I'm definitely a beginner and have a lot to learn. But I have lots of fun ideas I just need people and kids to practice on. So anyone and everyone let me know if you want a free photoshoot! I will take as many pictures as you want and edit them all too! I just need the practice!
Lots has been going on in the Quale house. We've been working on our house like crazy and it's really starting to come together! I got a part time job at Old Navy for the Holidays. And other then that just getting ready for all the fun Holidays coming up! This really is the best time of the year!

I always get a lot of emails and comments about where I got Brody's outfits. So I will just post it here...It's pretty sad that I'm such a shopaholic I am doing this! But if anyone needed to know
Baby Tie 7.50(now on sale 4.19) at Childrens Place
Baby Vest Childrens place
white t-shirt Old Navy
Golfer Hat 6.50 at Gymboree
DKNY jeans 8.00 Ross


Tyler and Rachael said...

Were those pictures taken in your backyard? What a beautiful background!! All of the pictures are so cute--Brody has changed so much since we last saw him. We need to have a playdate for sure or another girls night out.

Jake and Rachelle said...

Cute! I love photography too! Are you going to Utah for Christmas?

Mackay Family said...

Those pics are awesome. He looks so grown up! The outfit is adorable...good job. Maybe you should start charging for photography cuz you are good!

Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

Oh man, love that pic of Brody smiling! he's so cute! i also like that you put where you got all of his clothes! he's always dressed so well!

Krista said...

Lace I miss you guys!! Brody is such a stud already but he needs his aunt Krista... so something is gonna need to be worked out here... :) i really want to come out and see you guys soon!