Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Busy few Months!!!

What a crazy few months!!! Well this is what we have been up to! Brody got lots more teeth he has 8 now! He's still our sweetie little boy who we adore! And We got in a car accident and probably most likely it's totaled! Other exciting news... Noni(Billy's Mom) Just got engaged! So we are really excited for her and Dale! They are a cute couple and we Love Dale!
We are getting super excited for Christmas and everything that goes along with it!!! SO we've been decorating, listening to the christmas tunes, wrapping presents, shopping and all that good stuff! Speaking of Christmas...Billy's Dad is getting a Great Dane puppy "GUNNER" and he is loved so much already! So he's a cutie and will be home for christmas and all the festivities! Can't forget about Thanksgiving too... we had a wondeful Thanksgiving with both Billy's dad and his Mom. We have so much to be grateful for and we feel so lucky to have all that we have,especially each other and Brody! We are also loving our new house still doing lots of projects on it! So there is one picture of our kitchen in here... and the project this week is wainscoating/beadboard in the bathrooms... so I think it will turn out really cute!
Brody is on the verge of crawling and walking... so we'll see what comes first! SO I think that's it for now!


Cam and Beth said...

Wow he is getting so big! What a cutie! Hope everything was ok with the wreck! Looks scary!

Nielson News said...

He is so adorable! Love, love, love your kitchen!!! Merry Christmas!

Ryan and Brindi said...

what a cutie! i LOVE your kitchen! it is so gorgeous! little brody looks so cute by all those presents. hope you guys have a great christmas!

JON and EM said...

I love the pictures of him with the presents!! SO CUTE!! Your kid is seriously such a stud! I love his little worn out jeans. I miss him and need to kiss his cute little face!! And yes your kitchen looks aaaamazing! I think it's time you had a house warming party...:)

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Melissa said...

Brody is SO cute! I cant believe how big he is getting! Love all the pictures!

Brian and Kaitlin said...

O my gosh all those pictures under the CHristmas tree with the presents are ADORABLE!! You did such a good job, and I'm impressed Brody stayed there and let you take them!! What a cutie!! I love the kitchen picture with Juvee in the background with her diaper on, haha!! We can't wait to see you guys and of course you house and all the reno you guys did!! By the way Brian is jealous, he wants to do that stuff