Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Spring Clothes!

Well a lot of friends having been asking me to say where I get all Brody's clothes... So finally I'm going to start posting on here about " Cute finds" at all the baby stores! Shopping is like a hobby for me.. even if I don't buy the stuff I spend a lot of time looking at stuff and putting cute outfits together. So Here is some fun clothing from the new SPRING line at Children's Place and Gap Baby and Gap kids

I just want to let everyone know... Most of Brody's clothes are clearance items from all these stores from last year. Every season I go Clearance shopping for the next year. So for Brody I will buy all these items when they go on clearance for next winter/spring! Except for a few favs wich of course I'll have to get now : )

AVIATORS for babies! How adorable... it seems kind of silly. But so many times the sun is in Brody's eyes while he's in his carseat or outside. So besides the fact that they are ADORABLE they are semi practical too : )

This hoodie would go adorable with the deck shoes below!

Everything from here down to shoes is from

I love this knit hat!

This coat is on the pricey side! 40$ But I'm guessing it would be at least half off on clearance great to buy for next winter!

Children's place usually has good prices on shoes and hats around 5 dollars for hats!
Childrens place

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Keesler Family said...

I love this post. I just now need to have a baby to guess your advice. Maybe some time soon.