Friday, January 29, 2010

Old Navy New Stuff!

OLD NAVY Loved these boardshorts

These shirts are such good buys...because you can wear them for church, or with jeans or paired with a sweater or vest... Plus they look cute under a short sleeve for a layered look!

And if you buy them a little big, they can wear them for a long time because they look great a little baggy or tighter and once the arms get a little to short. I always just fold up the sleeves like shown here and you'd never know.

I actually bought this zip up and it's adorable..... but one complaint is that the top of the coat shirt doesn't fold down very well because the material is so thick so it's always in his face. But it's still adorable and it's polyester I think. So it's nice and warm.

I always buy these kind of pants whenever I can because you can have them wear them when it's cold and then when summer comes along you can just roll them and buttom them up. So cute too!

I'm a big fan of slip ons it's hard enough keeping him on my lap for 2 seconds to put any shoe on... I couldn't tie a shoe or undo straps... he'd be out of my arms before I could!

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Brian and Kaitlin said...

I am having the hardest time finding shoes for Gantt!! I want to buy him some easy slip-on, but where he doesn't have to wear socks. It's so warm out here that he gets hot and sweaty if he has socks and pants on!! Tell me if you find any good shoes