Sunday, January 24, 2010

9 Months old


It's true my Brody is now 9 months old! 9 Months seems like a big milestone to me. He has learned so many new things in the past few weeks! He is now walking if you hold one of his hands and he'll push his push toy! This was a big accomplishment in our house! He drinks from his sippy now! He crawls all over the house and get's into everything!!! He loves all his bigger kid toys like that atv! He's eating mostly table foods now. And he LOVES to climb so we build towers out of our couch cushions and let him climb to the top and we usually put a favorite toy at the top for him to get! He loves it!! He also loves climbing stairs but of course with our supervision : ) And he loves to babble tons now and especially scream at us with his finger pointed! It's so funny! He loves Dora and the little girls at church who he smiles and coos at constantly!

It's so crazy how fast they grow! His laugh is no longer baby sounding to me it sounds like a little boy's laugh! And I can't believe he has 9 teeth that we have to brush daily! HE LOVES IT! He's turning into a little toddler I can feel it! I will miss my "BABY BRODY"!



Krista said...

I cant wai to come out there and see the cute little guy!!! And you and Billy!!! Oh I am so excited for 10 days of fun! Oh and dont worry Brody I am bringing your birthday present with me!

Brittney and Zach Lundgreen said...

haha i laugh so hard at all the comments you leave me! WISH YOU LIVED CLOSER THEN WE COULD HANG OUT! LOVE YOUR CUTE LITTLE BABY!