Thursday, February 11, 2010

I don't want your Chocolate Milkshake!!!

Chocolate Milkshakes.....Billy's fav

So for the past 4 years of marriage, Billy has been making chocolate milkshakes constantly. I HATE chocolate milkshakes. EVERY time he makes them he says to me :

" Babe, you want a milkshake?" or
" You wanna sip of my chocolate milkshake?"
and EVERY time I say

" No I don't like them."

Well the other night Billy says to me :

" Hey you you want a Chocolate Milkshake?"
and I say:

" Billy I DONT like chocolate milkshakes! You are always asking me and everytime I say NO! Stop asking me it's so annoying!!"
and he says:

" it's always polite to ask."
and I say :
" not when you already no they DON"T want one!"

and then I just started laughing because it hit me.... Is my life seriously this good? That the only complaint or my biggest problem in life is that my husband is overly polite?! How abnoxious that I'm even complaining about this! From now on when Billy asks me (AND HE WILL) I will just politely say " no thanks " : ) and it will be a reminder to me of how lucky I am!

Ha ha I wanted to remember this moment. So I can remember how blessed and lucky I am to have such a wonderful life and a thoughtful hubby!

I love YOU Billy and your Chocolate Milkshakes! : )


Ryan and Jannali said...

hahaha cute I love it. Happy to hear your cute family is doing so great and you have a very polite husband :)

Krista said...

Hey Lace.... I didn't know Billys middle name was Larry... do you want a tomato or some ketchup? It's good for your heart! I am sure the Milkshakes are too... or at least good for your gut! However I must say I do the same thing to Brad about fruit cuz I think it's so funny... so in Billy defense Lace maybe you should try it out and you might like it!!! :)

Naomi Quale said...

Billy you are so lucky to have Lacey as your wife- what a sweet story. She loves you honey and so do I and no I don't want a chocolate milkshake either....I want to spend my calories in other ways, like hot choco chip cookies and milk, or jolly ranchers or a big fat cheeseburger with fries!!! I love you 3 - love mom

Erica said...

lol that is soo funny that made me laugh pretty hard because whenever i have a cookie i always ask tryson if he wants one and he says no everytime.. .maybe i should quit asking him.. hahaah lacey i miss your face!