Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Apple Circus!

Big Apple Circus!!!!
Brody's 1st Circus!
We had so much fun at the circus! Thanks so much to Shawn and Ashley for inviting us! It was so cool! We had tons of fun and would love to take Brody again!

Getting excited for the show to begin!!!

Adorable Baby Carter with cute Cheryl and John!
Shawn, Ashley with their cutie baby Colton!

WHo would have known a spanish plate guy would be one of my MOST favorite acts! IT was awesome! He would throw the plates over the audience and they would fly back to him like boomerangs! It was amazing! I loved it!

This was pretty intense we were all so worried he was gonna fall!

Enjoying the show!

Totally beat from a Fun and exciting night at the Circus!

(Sorry for the low quality pictures... they are phone pictures! I know they are grainy and hard to see!!)

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