Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brody is ONE

Brody Quale is ONE!

(Billy was such a good Daddy and brought home a Happy Birthday Balloon for the Brodster...Can you tell he was excited?)

Brody really is one crazy to me. I took him to his 12 month check up yesterday. Here are his stats:

weight: 23 pounds 68th Percentile

Height: 32.75 inches 99th percentile

I was already aware my baby is huge... but 99th percentile is really huge : ) He's gonna be a big boy!

Well right after I got done bragging to my doctor about what a fabulous eater he is and that I am so lucky I don't have to worry about any pickyness or spitting out food... well then I went and bought WHOLE MILK. ( I have to admit I was pretty excited, it felt like such a big deal... the switch from Formula to Milk) Well I was so thrilled poured it in his cup and he made the worst face I've ever seen and spit it right back out. I have been trying all day today too... he makes the most disgusted face and spits it all over himself! I am completely out of formula so there is no way I'm buying more..But seriously he hates the stuff. I can't blame him... I'm not a fan of Whole Milk either. But it has to taste better than smelly formula!

We sure do Love this serious little guy !


Nearly Flowers said...

Happy Birthday Brody!!! Such a handsome little man:)

Ryan and Jannali said...

happy birthday! he is such a cutie omg what a little stud.

Luke and Marin said...

He is such a doll!! James hates whole milk too, I've tried so many times to get him to drink it! My mom suggested to put some Ovaltine in it, so I'm going to try that next. Let me know if you get him to drink it!!

The Lake's said...

Ok he is such a stud! I love his hair! My little girl didnt like whole milk at first either she likes hers warmed up she wont drink it cold. I also started mixing it half and half with pediasure and now she loves it plain, hopefully you find something that works for your little guy, he is soooo cute!

David and Rachel said...

Happy 1st Brithday Brody!

Denny and Cyndi Collins Family said...

He is so adorable! How fun he's one! :0) I just got Jayden on whole milk. I started slow with it. Cooking with it. Putting in a snippy cup with lunch. Mixing it with foods she is familiar with it. He will get used to it! No worries! :0)