Sunday, April 18, 2010

Brody's Turning ONE!

(April 20th)

I can't believe my baby is turning ONE! We weren't going to throw a party for him cause he can be really shy and we wanted him to feel comfortable at his own birthday party!... but the past few weeks he's opened up a lot. It is weird with out my family nearby for such a big FUN day! If only Utah weren't all the way on the other side of the U.S. But we are glad we have a wonderful ward and plenty of people we love, to share it with! So this week we will bring on the 1st Birthday FESTIVITIES!

Brody really is so much fun to have around. We feel so lucky to have such a GOOD baby who sleeps well every night will eat anything and everything in sight and who is just a Chill little guy! (unless he's at kids club at the gym or stuck in a playpin at softball practice for 2 hours!)

We love and adore him so so so much! We had a blast taking pictures of him for his Invites... He is officially WALKING now. SO that's been crazy and fun!
And I'm realizing he is talking more than I knew!
Just over the past few days I've noticed the things he says for certain things...
  • He calls me Mom not ma ma but MOM which I think is cute!
  • And of course Da Da
  • he says Ball
  • and I think he tries to say Dog and Milk. But they are not so clear! : )

    Things he LOVES:
  • Juvee his little puppy!
  • playing outside
  • pushing the vaccum
  • climbing the stairs or anything he can
  • stepping on everything with his feet
  • chucking everything he can as hard as he can!
  • Playing with cars and balls
  • splashing in the bathtub and soaking us!
  • getting into my makeup
  • He ALWAYS has to take things out of where or how they should be. For example: plastic easter eggs cannot be closed, if we close them he opens all of them. If anything like toys are inside a container or bucket he will sit there and take them all out. You can put them back in as many times as you want but he cannot stand to leave them alone. It's like it buggs him or something. He has a block train that blocks stick on... If you put any blocks on the train he MUST pull them all off. It's funny to watch and works to our advantage when we need to entertain him : )
  • He LOVES to eat! I haven't found anything he won't eat. This kid will eat mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, califlower, every kind of meat, onions, bell peppers, Seriously he eats anything! It's pretty funny when we have something we pick off our food that we don't like we just give it to Brody to eat! : )
  • He loves to push the kitchen chairs and laundry baskets around the kitchen
  • He loves pulling everything out of the bottom cupboards

We have had so much fun this year and are looking forward to another year exploring the world through his eyes!

Happy Birthday BRODY!

Nicknames : Brodster, Brodopotomus, Brod, lil dude : )


Ryan and Jannali said...

thanks for the congratulations! we are super excited :D
ADORABLE pictures of Brody!! omg he is so stinking cute, love you're list of things he likes and says haha

chel wakley said...

Hey Lacy-
I have been meaning to email you, but life has been crazy. Hey I am in GA for the summer. My husband is doing summer sales for APX and we are in Columbus GA until July 1st and then off to Montgomery AL. But I wondered if we were close at all? I would love to meet up.

Danny and Amelia said...

That invitation is so cute! He's such a handsome little boy! I hope you have fun at the party and we should hang out next time you're in Utah!

KM said...

Oh my gosh he is such a stud! I love his tie and how he is holding up 1 finger.. adorable! Have a great time on Sat! I can't believe he is one! It feels like the other day you were worried about labor! I am way worried about labor but will cross that road when I get there one day!

P.S. How did you make his invite? Its adorable!

Ryan and Brindi said...

i swear u have the most photogenic kid! i love all his pictures. it is so cute he holds his little finger up to show '1'.