Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Madness!

March has been so BUSY! First off... Brody turned
11 Months Old!
Then came St. Patrick's Day! Of course we made sure to wear green. We made yummy Green eggs and pancakes. It looked pretty gross...but tasted normal : )
We decorated cupcakes which was fun...But I am looking forward to being able to make Leprechaun footprints and get really into St. Patty's Day!

My little Brody is so so SERIOUS most of the time.
But when he gets into one of his goofy moods you can't get him out of it! He is giggly and silly and so funny!

I put stickers on his hands and he thought it was so fun!

Sundays are the Best!
Sundays are definitely the best! We are on the early church schedule so we get to just hang out and play with the Brodster. We took pictures this particular sunday cause Brody was in one of his goofy moods which we love!

Besides St. Patrick's Day there's been so much going on... Between Billy's Basketball team, our co-ed Softball League (SO FUN!) , working on the yard, Easter festivities,and friend and church stuff we have been so BUSY! We aren't complaining though, we love it. Life gets even more fun around this time of year. Spring weather and lots to do! Hope you are all having a wonderul Spring!


Mackay Family said...

Busy is right! Brody is SO handsome. I love it when kids are in their silly mood!

Erica said...

i want you to know that krista is always tooo lazy to update her blog. and i look at yourse everyday and it always entertains me at work :) thanks lace! =]] and brody is sooooo freaking adorable. i can't get over it. i can't wait for kayden to get the heck outtttttt of me! love you!

Krista said...

Lace I miss you guys!! I can't wait to see you guys again! And Brody is almost one that is so crazy! I need your address so I can send his present!

Brian and Kaitlin said...

Brody looks so cute in green!! I think it's the red hair, it goes well with the green. He is turning into such a smiley little boy!! I can't wait to see him again, he is gonna act so different from when I last saw him! These boys are gonna have so much fun playing together!