Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thriftstore/consignment FINDS!

I have really fallen in love with Southern decorating and the whole Traditional style of decorating. Lots of different fabrics that all coordinate somehow. Lots of tall panels of drapes on every window. And cute white curvy ceramic things that look like they belong in a southern mansion. I have come to appreciate all the impressive looking southern homes here with thick white moldings everywhere, white beadboard and paneling and cute shuddered brick homes.
It has taken me 3 years to finally find my style and start a collection of all of these things. I feel like I have hit the jackpot lately with all the consignment shops and thriftstores! Here are a just a few of my finds.

Cute white curvy ceramic pot: 1.94
Brown serving tray 2.90
I have desperately been looking for lampshades. But they are like 4-5$ per shade and I was hoping to find a sale somewhere. And lucky for me. I found all 5 of them at goodwill.
A steal at 99 cents each!
(not to mention this chandelier we found at goodwill for 8$ brand new in the box never opened, it was gold but we spray painted it brush nickel)

And this little guy... well I've been ranting and raving about these every year at Christmas time in the Pottery barn catalog. They are like 40$ and they are so cute with big tall red candlesticks on them! I think it looks best with 2. One on each side of the fireplace mantle. But hey you can't be picky!
I found this for 4$ at goodwill.

Fell in love with this fabric at Joanns. Hopefully I'll get around to making some cute pillows or something out of it!

P.S.- Brody's Birthday pictures soon to come! Thanks to everyone who came and supported our little guy turning One. We know it was squishy! Thanks for all the nice gifts Brody has been in heaven with all his new toys!


Calloways said...

Dang Lacey!! You need to take me shopping with you! You always find the cutest stuff for the best deals. I'm serious, call me and I will go with you!!

Mackay Family said...

You found some great deals! I LOVE the southern style. I love the brick houses with cute shutters...I could go on and on about things that I like.

Josh and Rach said...

Please come decorate my house. And I would like to shop at your goodwill too! Ours is super picked over, but that i think is because we live in a poor area right now. Can't wait to have my own house to paint and everything!

Brian and Kaitlin said...

I love the things you have picked out, the kitchen looks great!! Thats so awesome about the chandelier, what a steal!! I need to go check out the goodwill over here! I need to serious put some time into decorating our house, things are just stuffed here and there. Where did you get that rack in the kitchen? Brian has been dying foor something like that! Anyways, just wanted to say that I love what you've done and keep going at it, because you have a real knack for it!

Brittney and Zach Lundgreen said...

oh my i will pay for you to come decorate my house k.. so adorable... you are such a cute little mom...