Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine shoot!

Pregnancy and Newborn shoot!

Well I forgot my camera this day! I was so bummed! I really wanted to have pictures of all the behind the scenes stuff. But luckily we snapped a few with Billy's iphone. This was such a fun day! It was cool to see how many people it takes to put something like this together. It was exciting to see what they had picked out for him to wear and who he'd be shooting with. We were the last babies of the day so most the babies had left. But the few that I saw were so so BEAUTIFUL! The 2 little baby girls I saw I couldn't believe how perfect all their little features were. I mean come on what baby isn't cute! But they had found some really cute ones!

Anyway, so we got him dressed in the clothes they had picked out: this cute red plaid shirt, the jeans, cowboy boots that were so adorable! And a hat & hankerchief. They had a little play area for the babies waiting...which he of course loved!

Then it was time to get him on set... First they tried having him sit on the floor on this stuffed pony! He was like " yeah right, I'm outta here!" so he kept getting up and running off set! So luckily they had a back up: the rocking horse. Which he was too afraid to get off of! : ) So it worked perfectly... But because he was now sitting up higher they had to switch the whole set around. All the lighting was different and background things were showing that shouldn't. So it took a minute to get it all adjusted!

Once we got them all situated! It was so time to try to get Serious Brody Boy smiling at the camera. We pulled out every goofy face and song we knew! But he only shared a few smiles! And getting both babies to look and smile and stay put at the same time was a challenge! I give props to all the people that put magazines together. There is so much work that goes on! And it takes so many talented people to make it all work and look great! The photographer was so patient!They shot them together for a while... But between Brody trying to get down and the cute little girl crawling off. They eventually shot them individually too. They said they got what they needed though! So hopefully Brodster gave some good faces! He sure looked cute!

Over all it was a fun day! I can't wait to see how it turns out! I know it will look great. They said he will be in the October issue of Pregnancy and Newborn magazine. So we are looking forward to it!! : )

I'm excited to frame the photos and it's something we'll be proud of and love to show off. But I'm definitely not trying to turn Brody into a baby model anytime soon! I just want him to enjoy being the cute little boy he is exploring, playing and enjoying life as a 14 month old! : )


Mackay Family said...

SO adorable! Love the outfit. What a fun opportunity for you guys!

JON and EM said...

That hankerchief kills me!! He is seriously one of the cutest little boys ever so I'm glad the world of mom's is going to get to see him in that magazine. I will sure be buying a copy!!

Brian and Kaitlin said...

He looks SO cute in that cowboy outfit!! We are definitely gonna buy that magazine, I can't wait to tell everyone that he's my cute little nephew!! I bet it was so HARD to get all the babies to cooperate, it sounds like such a stressful job!!

Heather said...

He is so stinkin cute!